Yahoo Answers API & RSS Queries Guide

The anatomy of the Yahoo Answers RSS feed queries is explained in this article. The basic query is very easy to construct, and results in an XML feed (RSS) of the current state of the Yahoo Answers database. It can be queried in a number of ways, and the basic form is as follows:… Continue reading Yahoo Answers API & RSS Queries Guide

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Hacked WordPress Account: What To Do

Useful resources to read: Useful scans: Google Diagnostics page (user can find certain information of the malware by replacing in the following URL with your own site’s URL: this information is quite general) Plugins: (Anti-Malware (Get Off Malicious Scripts)… Continue reading Hacked WordPress Account: What To Do

How to install WordPress

download the wordpress zip file from unzip it to a folder connect to your website through FTP (use FileZilla; note 1 : host=domain without www, before propagation it’s just the IP address provided by the hosting provider; note 2: FTP account needs to be created – with a different username if you use web4web… Continue reading How to install WordPress