How to install WordPress

  • download the wordpress zip file from
  • unzip it to a folder
  • connect to your website through FTP (use FileZilla; note 1 : host=domain without www, before propagation it’s just the IP address provided by the hosting provider; note 2: FTP account needs to be created – with a different username if you use web4web and username is
  • upload the files in the folder (and the files only, not the folder) to public.html, through FTP
  • now, follow instructions at, which basically are:
  1. create database (in DirectAdmin)
  2. create username of the database (in DirectAdmin – keep the random password generated by DirectAdmin or choose another one)
  3. if you are hosted by web4web: associate the access host following instructions at
  4. rename (in FTP) config-sample.php to config.php
  5. add the required data to config.php (database name, database user, etc)
  6. add secret keys to config.php
  7. launch install script (loading this url:
    create htaccess file: in WP control panel, go to settings/permalinks/postname/save (if you want the postname)
  8. for some hosting providers: delete index.html (through FTP), otherwise the homepage will keep showing the default message for new websites created by the hosting provider

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