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RapidBoot HDD Accelerator and Shield In Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo developed 2 utilities to reduce boot time: RapidBoot HDD Accelerator and RapidBoot Shield.

RapidBoot Shield is known to create delays to the startup process, as it may prevent the loading of applications or services critical to the system startup, in ThinkPad laptops using Microsoft Windows 7.

Lenovo has withdrawn this utility and recommends its uninstalling as first step while troubleshooting slow boot.

Create An OPML File From My Yahoo!

If you want to create an OMPL file from My Yahoo!:

Open a tab of My Yahoo!

View Page Source

Select all

Copy and paste the code in the box in My Yahoo HTML Source -> OPML Generator

Select Download OPML file

Click on Generate


The OPML file is now ready to use in RSS Readers that can import OPML files such as Google Reader.

And from Google Reader to other readers that haven’t implemented yet the feature to directly import OPML files such as Feedly (here the instructions to import an OPML into Feedly passing through Google Reader).

Yahoo Answers API & RSS Queries Guide

The anatomy of the Yahoo Answers RSS feed queries is explained in this article.

The basic query is very easy to construct, and results in an XML feed (RSS) of the current state of the Yahoo Answers database. It can be queried in a number of ways, and the basic form is as follows:

(for local language version, just add the country code to the beginning followed by dot, example:

If you are looking for open questions, the parameter is tab=3

  • tab=0 : All items
  • tab=1 : Resolved items
  • tab=2 : Undecided items
  • tab=3 : Open items


For queries with multiple terms: