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Reinstall Windows

1) backup all your files on an external hard disk or in the cloud, wherever you prefer

Keep in mind that reinstalling Windows will delete everything on the disk you are going to reinstall. And that it’s recommended to format the other disks too.

2) find your Windows 7 product key

Typically this 25-character alphanumeric string is printed on a sticker affixed to your PC or on documentation included with your PC. Alternatively, you can use a keyfinder program such as Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder to pull your product key from the Registry. You need your product key to reinstall Windows.

3) get Windows ISO file

digitalrivercontent, which was the official microsoft repository for Windows copies (authorized Microsoft software retailer) is not live anymore.

The alternative is using Microsoft’s Software Recovery website.

This website, for reasons unknown, won’t let download Windows 7 ISOs with a valid OEM product key.

(UNBELIEVABLE. I paid for my computer with a licensed Windows 7, and now I can’t get it unless I pay my OEM to send me a copy – that’s what Microsoft recommends – even if my license ID is perfectly valid. Microsoft what a shame).

The only website where I could find Windows iso installation files (as torrent files) is:

My iso file is for windows 7 sp1 64x.

The instructions to get the file by torrent, download it, and verify the MD5 checksum are here:

Download Windows 7 ISO Legally Free

I used qBittorrent and it was straightforward.

4) mount the iso file on dvd

I mounted it on an SD card using , but the sd card reader in lenovo t530 is not bootable:

In theory, you could use it passing through a USB 2.0 card reader like this one:

You could mount it on an external hard disk or a USB, see for example:

To mount the file on the DVD or USB, you can use the official Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (it does not work with SD cards)

5) enter the BIOS

For Lenovo ThinkPad press Enter when prompted just after pressing the start button.

6) Make sure CD/DVD drive is selected first and your HDD second in the boot priority order in your BIOS settings

7) proceed with the installation

instructions here:

Clean Install Windows 7

Note: If you have more than one partition for a disk # (hard drive) and want to get rid of them to make that disk # one partition drive again, then select a partition with that disk # and click on the Delete option for each partition with the same disk # until there is only one “unallocated space” with that disk # left as in the screenshot below.

(for Lenovo: if you just want to try a Recovery:, perhaps using the Q DRIVE: or

How to exclude urls from the search results in Google Custom Search

To exclude sites or urls from your Google custom search engine:

  1. On the Control Panel ( choose your search engine to customize
  2. the page should load in Setup, if not click on Setup
  3. in the Sites to search section click on Advanced
  4. now add your sites/urls to exclude and confirm

(to use urls patterns use Google instructions:

How to Create A Virtual Router (HotSpot) With Your PC and Share Your Internet Connection with Multiple Devices In Windows 7

Programs suggested:

Connectify – but its free version doesn’t allow to share 3g or 4g connections:

Virtual Router:

Virtual Router Plus (it seems an updated version of Virtual Router):




Or you can create an hosted network:

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 Home Premium

step-by-step process:

download links to windows virtual pc & windows xp mode:


VMLite XP Mode is an easy program that will let you use Windows XP in Windows 7 (but not everything will work smoothly – as example, I wasn’t able to make my Lerox X83 printer work):



RapidBoot HDD Accelerator and Shield In Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo developed 2 utilities to reduce boot time: RapidBoot HDD Accelerator and RapidBoot Shield.

RapidBoot Shield is known to create delays to the startup process, as it may prevent the loading of applications or services critical to the system startup, in ThinkPad laptops using Microsoft Windows 7.

Lenovo has withdrawn this utility and recommends its uninstalling as first step while troubleshooting slow boot.